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Ahh, the cool ocean breeze, the sun on my face, the dolphin swimming in the surf on the bow of the boat...whatta ya mean it's time to go to work? Oh, o.k., that's right...we have to work for a living! Now where was I? ...."The Crew"


The Captain and Owner is Jerry Smith who has four years U.S. Naval Service experience, has been a certified diver since 1982, and has been licensed by the US Coast Guard since 1984. Capt. Jerry has worked on or around the water for over thirty years and brings this experience to work every day. Captain Jerry is also an accomplished diver, and understands how to accommodate the needs of the diving community. Depending on the time of the year, there are different crew members. The Captain's and crew are "Medic First Aid and Dan O2 Certified.


John "I liked to be called Smitty" Smith has been a mate since conception...meaning he is the Captain's Son and has been on the boat since he could stand! John can be found on the SQ II listening to "RAMMSTEIN" or doing his "Monty Python" impressions. John also is quite good at pilfering the Captain's lunch!









Justin L. Merrell is entering his third year as a Mate aboard the SQ II. He is working towards becoming a Captain and hopes to accomplish that feat in the near future. Can be quoted as saying "there's nothing like being 100 feet down with a spear gun in your hand"! He just can't come back without the big one!






"Brian Thomason became a certified diver in 1976 at age 18 and has been hooked ever since. Brian is originally from Cape Cod Mass. and a Mate on the Sea Quest I & II for over 10 years. When not in a Mate status, you can usually see Brian flying around the wrecks on his scooter and chasing big female sharks!" (see photo page)





Captain Ben "Obi-Wan", has been with the Sea Quest II Crew going on four years now and is also licensed by the U.S.Coast Guard. Certified Lunatic and all around bad diver, he at least has a dry suit and a spare AGA (named "Darth Vader") to Mate when the water gets too cold for the other Mates! Home of Origin and current whereabouts: In a galaxy far, far away!





This page is also under construction, so check back regularly to see what is new on the "Sea Quest II"

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